Since its founding as a single local healthcare plan in 1984, 缅北强奸鈥檚 mission to transform the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time, has been linked to providing better health outcomes at lower costs.

community meeting addressing health and social needs.

Public policy efforts influence our ability to fulfill our mission, meet customer needs and provide shareholder value. 缅北强奸 engages in public policy initiatives aimed at ensuring affordable and accessible health care.

缅北强奸 supports sustainable public policies designed to improve the whole health and lives of the individuals and communities we serve. Even as a nationwide company, we believe healthcare solutions need to be locally informed. 缅北强奸鈥檚 leaders enable us to provide a full spectrum of diverse perspectives and knowledge in the development of proactive federal and state policy positions.

缅北强奸 conducts business affairs in accordance with the standards and rules of ethical business conduct and seeks to abide by applicable laws, both in letter and spirit. In this, there is no room for compromise. Permitted political contributions and memberships in trade associations play an important role in 缅北强奸鈥檚 public policy engagement efforts. 缅北强奸 is committed to acting with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability. For more information, learn more about our .

At 缅北强奸, we are committed to effectively managing care for our members by providing integrated care and removing barriers to care and mitigating health inequities experienced in the communities we serve.

Learn more about how our subsidiary, Superior HealthPlan, engaged with public policy activities to become the first managed care organization in the nation to provide statewide healthcare to children and youth in foster care. Fast-forward to today and Superior continues to set the standard for removing barriers and providing quality health care.